Helping you achieve your business goals, so you achieve your financial goals.

The Business Planning service at SFG is designed to complement the Integrated Personal Planning service for our clients. Some of our clients own, or have a sizeable investment in their business. As part of our holistic approach, we recognize that for these clients, their business represents a significant part of their overall financial portfolio and planning. Understanding the business objectives and the role the business may play in the client’s financial plan, is critical to a successful wealth management strategy.

SFG believes that in order to maximize the chances of success, a business needs a clear and concise business strategy. This strategy needs to be understood across the business and also, critically, needs an aligned execution framework which is monitored on a regular basis. This belief is at the heart of our Business Planning service.

SFG understands that every business is different, and each client’s goals are unique. In order to provide a Business Planning service that can add value to multiple scenarios, we have assembled a team of individuals with a broad range of experience and skillsets including:

  • Business sale structures
  • Conflict resolution
  • Valuations
  • Process management
  • Team dynamics
  • Technology

These resources are added to a client engagement as needed during our process described below:

  1. Planning – Identification of strategic business objectives (SBO’s), key strategies to achieve these SBO’s, and a roadmap which prioritizes them. This will often include reference to exit strategies, succession plans, associated financial targets and organizational changes. This should typically be reviewed and refined on an annual basis.
  2. Execution – Implementation of a simple execution framework that enables plans and targets to be created and managed which are linked to the strategic plan, thereby insuring their success will, by definition, result in positive movement at the strategic level.
  3. Monitoring – We prefer to remain involved in the on-going review of the execution plan and the success thereof in the context of the strategic plan. This review process, if appropriate, will be integrated with the overall financial planning process.

The Business Planning service can be utilized as an isolated engagement, or as part of the Integrated Personal Planning service for a client.