We communicate.  We counsel.  We coordinate.

We communicate. We listen carefully so we can fully understand our clients’ objectives, concerns, goals, and dreams.  Since 1982, we’ve become very good listeners.  We also ask good questions.

We counsel. We strive to provide innovative thinking and strategies on how clients can best achieve their lifetime aspirations.  We also discuss the short- and long-term impact of our recommendations.

We coordinateWe facilitate clients’ ongoing financial affairs and implement their decisions.  We monitor progress and make new recommendations as personal and economic changes occur.  We also maintain and coordinate relationships with our clients’ existing advisors and recommend other professionals as needed.

This entire process is undertaken in the strictest confidence.  Acting as a fiduciary means the recommendations we make are always in our clients’ best interests.

The quality of our human capital is key to building your financial capital.

The moment you’re first introduced to Schultz Financial Group you know we’re different.  You can tell it from our attitudes, our approach and our demeanor.

It all comes down to the quality of our human capital.

We’ve amassed a dedicated team of talented and multidimensional professionals who are thoroughly committed to helping our clients accomplish all they set out to achieve.  Several people on our team are members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).

Once you become an SFG client, you’re assigned a team that is devoted to you.  Within this team is an individual who is your principal day-to-day contact.  The entire team is always thinking about your needs and view it as their responsibility to keep you abreast of ideas and insights you may not have thought about or been exposed to before – to broaden your perspective and assist you in making better financial and life choices.

This approach underscores what makes us different as a company.  Everyone who is part of our team understands that while financial markets rise and fall, the only real constant in our business is the personal relationship we maintain with our clients.